Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The God of Mischief in Glory - Why I Love Parking Garages

A long overdue post, I shot these images of Thalie Boucher wearing this stunning costume by Sara Wilkinson, of Loki, the God of Mischief, from the Marvel Comics movie series, way back in November, after Hal-Con. Sadly, I got tied up in work in December at my part time job and the holiday and never got around to posting this on here.

So a bit of history, I know Sara from college and she is a wonderful fashion and costume designer, this Loki costume being her latest labour of love I was more then happy to help document it. The model, Thalie, was more then a perfect fit for the look and feel of the character she is cosplaying here. So the hard part was trying to find a good location to match this incredible work. I decided I wanted an industrial location, with some shelter (cause it was very cold out) and I'm a huge fan of one of the parking garages here in town for just that look. I've used this location before, with mixed results in lighting, but now I have a good grasp on those issues. I knew I wanted strong shadows, and some colour splash in the background to help add to the mood. when I think Loki, I think green, so green became that colour gel to use. Also she needed some close ups and well lit details for her portfolio, so I took some without the modelled lighting and colours as well. I didn't use too many tricks in this setup, it was basically two lights, one in the background and one main front flash with a softbox. All and all it was very successful.

So now on to the images.

On a technical side there was little editing, just a few background adjustments removing signs and the parking lot lines and so on.

-Larry M. Holder

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