Wednesday, October 16, 2013

East Coast Comic Expo 2013 - The Report

It's be a while since the one day, wonderful time that was East Coast Comic Expo in Moncton, NB. It happened all the way back in May and I'm just getting to write about it now. Let me tell you all, I am super excited for next year's return event, ECCE did not disappoint. This was the first convention I attended just as a regular attendee. But lack of a booth did not stop me from taking pictures.

First thing I'll applaud was the layout of the convention, it was mostly contained to one room, it's layout streamlined and easy to move in. There was a lot to look at on that end. In the middle of the room was the signing table for guests, I almost wish there had been more room around them for lines to form. The only time I was in line was for the artist, Nick Bradshaw, of Wolverine and the X-Men fame and Brenda Hickey, a newer up and coming artist that was working on the new My Little Pony Micro Series of comics. I got her to draw me a "Crackle the Dragon".

Minus the long wait in lines for promo items, I did get some shooting done. I did a few candids for Saint John Iron-Bat, my friend Phillip Vautour, during his display of his Iron Man suit. I also got to meet actor and former WWE star Robert Maillet (whom you shall see later again). All around it was a great time.

Just before leaving, we got some people together for a big group shoot and some other fun shots. The outside of the building we were in was pretty old and run down, so I made plans in post to replace the background with some images I made and add some effects in. I shot most of them with natural light with some fill flash in some shots. It was a bit cold and wet that day, but there was a beautiful overcast sky, making a nice even light. Here's a comparison of the group image.

This also was where I completed the final calendar image for HCF and made one of my all time favourite cosplay images to date, The Civil War tribute.

I'm super pumped for next year, and I hope to be able to set up my services next year during the convention and really make some epic work beyond the awesome stuff I got this year. 

-Larry M. Holder 

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