Sunday, September 9, 2012

Animaritime 2012 - First Official Gig

After Anime North I was feeling pretty confident about my ability to do on location booth style photos. I had secured an official photographer position at Animaritime in Moncton, and thusly was granted not just a booth space, but a whole room! The room was small though, but in many ways bigger on the inside as I ended up fitting large groups in more then once. This time I was able to tape my background sheets to the wall. I still didn't quite end up with the studio look, for one I found out that the black background I had in Toronto versus my dark navy blue background looked better colour wise. It did create a unique look so I just went with it. Also I actually ended up with more opportunity to hit up some outdoor group shoots being that I had a door I could lock.

The learning experience was off the wall at this one. Firstly I continued to perfect my booth edits. and face new challenges dealing with group photos in a small room (most of that issue was caused by me not wanting to switch to wide angle, I have a real love for my 50mm).

In this case I wanted to show the ball glowing, so I took two shots, one with slower speed and then pasted it on the correctly lit image with a large saturation boost.

In this large group shot, I had to combine two photos together to get a shot I was really happy with.

Beyond the indoor stuff, I did a little more outside shooting, like in the Anime North images, I replaced the background, only this time I went out and shot plates to insert rather constructing it with available landscape.

So that was my experience in a nut shell, all and all a wonderful time. Next year I hope to have better equipment for setup and actually organize the outdoor shoots myself to avoid confusion (The shoots were organized on Facebook but not officially, therefore there was confusion).

Look for the full image catalog later today.

-Larry M. Holder  

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