Friday, September 7, 2012

Delirium's Edge Designs - Image Catalog

So as promised here is the complete image catalog for Delirium's Edge Designs I did earlier in the year, I'll post the images in chronological order and talk a little about each one.

These were my first two shoots in the series, all the way back in January 2012. I learned a lot about positioning and posing and tested out some editing techniques. It's more on the documentation side and less on the capturing the character side of my newer work.

In the second shoot it was done at a outdoor location, I believe this was late March if I'm not mistaken. The model got huge props from me for walking in those crazy shoes and still putting on a great show. I took a lot from this shoot, mostly how to position my lights on location and still get good exposers while creating a good atmosphere. As well I became much more aware of things to look out for the background.

And finally the blitz shoot for all the other cosplays. On this shoot I really wanted to highlight the characters as well as document the work. I worked hard at picking the right colours and trying to make sure the right poses were captured. You'll notice we did the Snow Princess from the location shoot again but mainly just had fun with a lot of the shots, sometimes it's good just to play around. Another note is in the last set, the Tangled Princess, the model actually popped a seam during one of the jumps. Luckily it was an easy fix, but it did leave me with a thought to not push the cosplay beyond it's construction. 

Well that's all I have for now, my next post will be about Anime North 2012, lots of goodies in that batch. 

-Larry H. Holder 

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